Track 2

Translational and Clinical Studies

We take the discoveries obtained from our preclinical research and relevant research, and apply them to clinical validation. This process revolves around two primary objectives:

  1. Enhancing the effectiveness of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART).
  2. Prolonging the female reproductive lifespan.

Our clinical studies will be meticulously designed to assess the factors that can enhance the outcomes of ART. These studies will involve close collaboration with IVF centers, laboratories, and pharmaceutical partners. Additionally, we will leverage data from Singapore’s Ministry of Health for AI-driven analysis and synthesis. The participant pool will consist of individuals from Singapore’s diverse Asian population who have undergone ART procedures.

The trials aimed at extending the female reproductive lifespan will be conducted in three distinct phases and will focus on women in their post-reproductive years, whether prematurely or naturally. These trials will involve collaboration with various partners and stakeholders.

Potential interventions in both clinical approaches may encompass lifestyle modifications, nutraceuticals, and/or pharmaceutical drugs. These interventions will be tested individually and in combinations, as suggested by the findings from Track 1 and insights drawn from WisDM (