Track 1

Ovarian Biology and Senescence

Understanding the intricate shifts in reproductive health with progression of age is of paramount importance in the formulation of robust strategies aimed at elevating both reproductive health and longevity. The overarching goal of Track 1 is to extend the reproductive health span of females by investigating the interconnections between reproductive aging and overall aging, discovering potential therapeutic targets, and ultimately deriving solutions for extending reproductive health and longevity.

Here are some of our research interest areas –

  1. Unravelling the molecular and cellular pathways to understand the connection between reproductive and overall ageing by utilising multidisciplinary omics approach and leveraging on novel and existing ageing markers.

  2. Identifying novel therapeutic targets to prevent or delay female reproductive aging which involves investigating cellular and molecular pathways that can be modulated to extend reproductive health.

  3. Deriving solutions for extending the reproductive health span that may involve the development of pharmaceutical interventions, lifestyle interventions, or other therapeutic strategies to be translated into clinical studies by track 2.

  4. We are also interested in looking into menopause transition pathways with the aim to extend female reproductive health span and establishing overall wellbeing.

We utilize murine model for in vivo studies to mimic reproductive aging and therapeutic strategies. These models provide valuable insights into the physiological and genetic factors contributing to ovarian senescence. 

We are also establishing our In-house granulosa and follicle culture systems to conduct in vitro experiments. These systems allow for controlled manipulation of ovarian cell types and the testing of potential interventions. Novel targets for enhancing reproductive longevity will be identified through these studies.