Track 4

Public Education & Advocacy

ACRLE will include a vital public outreach initiative aimed at increasing awareness of the challenges related to female reproductive health. These subjects tend to be under-recognized in Asia, which can impede meaningful progress.

Moreover, we recognize that technological advancements alone cannot revolutionize healthcare. What’s crucial is a comprehensive approach that combines technological innovation with expertise from various disciplines, such as healthcare economics, behavioral sciences, regulatory engagement, policy development, patient advocacy, and payer-side adoption. This multidisciplinary approach is essential for bringing about transformative changes in medical practices.

We will collaborate with experts from NUS and the insurance industry to create a comprehensive strategy that explores the cultural and social context surrounding perceptions and expectations of interventions in female reproductive health. Factors like geography, cultural norms, social status, and personal motivations will inform our advocacy and deployment strategies for interventions.

We will develop interfaces for public communication, including the effective use of social media platforms to reach our target audience. A significant aspect of this strategy will involve educating primary care physicians, who often serve as the first point of contact for women with questions about their reproductive health and longevity.

Finally, we aim to raise awareness among research experts in various fields, including aging, diseases related to reproduction and menopause, nutrition, and behavior. We will host academic conferences attended by scholars with diverse expertise to encourage interdisciplinary research and elevate the importance of female reproductive health, longevity, and equality.